Minnesota Baseball Academy and Scout Stop have come together to provide National Recruiting Profiles – a player’s own webpage that includes your scouting and game video, professional scouting reports, contact info, academic information, references and more in an effort to create a one-stop development and recruiting tool for players, coaches and recruiters.  Colleges and professional scouts will have instant access to profiles and video 24-7.

For student athletes, a large amount of time is dedicated to learning about college’s academic and athletic programs. Making phone calls, filling out questionnaires and applications, writing emails and sending faxes are all a part of the recruiting process.

Streamlining the process is key to making sure time, money and talent are being used and marketed wisely. By creating a National Recruiting Profile, it gives scouts a simple and sharp look at all the detailed information they are looking for including everything from your GPA and ACT to video analysis of your athletic ability.

The result is student athletes work more effectively, exposure grows extensively and your administration costs go down.