MBA Owner, Adam Barta @BlizzardBasebal

To aspiring baseball players and parents:

Welcome to Minnesota Baseball Academy!  We are excited to provide an online Academy hub for our baseball services including our network of unique offerings, divisions and partners.  We are the largest baseball academy in Minnesota providing services to players from ages 6u-18u and even college and professional players.

Since 2003, Minnesota Baseball Academy has provided baseball knowledge through camps, small group training and individual lessons.  We started with a small 2,000 square foot space with one instructor and have quickly grown into one of the most well-recognized baseball academies in Minnesota and the Midwest.  We have been featured on such news outlets as Kare11, Channel 5 with Mike Woodley, the Upper Deck Report with Al Newman, Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

And while our baseball offerings have expanded through some of our other divisions such as the Minnesota Blizzard, the Advanced Fall Baseball League (AFBL), and ScoutStop, our intentions and goals have never changed: to provide the best baseball instruction to ALL players through way of quality instruction.  Teaching life through baseball is held in high regard in all of our programs.  Our core values since 2003 (the Big 10) which you will see repeatedly throughout the website is what we live and teach by:

1) Acceptance of Responsibility
2) Control what you can control: Your attitude, effort and your preparation
3) Loyalty
4) Be Humble
5) Class - Win and lose with it.
6) Synergism - team chemistry / the total is greater than the sum of it's parts
7) Heightened Program Awareness - Everyone in and around the program counts.
8) Transferable Trust - Confidence in each other
9) Everything Counts
10) Body Language
+1) Kaizin - Getting better in small increments every day

So while players and parents start with us expecting baseball instruction, they soon realize that they are typically getting a lot more than what they paid for: a great experience where baseball is the main focus; but in an environment of positive reinforcement and core values that players need.

Whatever your skill level - beginner or advanced - there is a place at MBA for you to learn the game of baseball.  We hope you enjoy our unique offerings and our long-standing reputation as having some of the best baseball instructors, teachers and mentors in the state.

See you at the Academy!

Adam Barta, Owner