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MN BB Academy lessons are designed to enhance the 5 tools of baseball: hitting for average, hitting for power, arm strength, speed and defensive ability.  By focusing on the fundamentals players of all ages and skill levels can become better baseball players.

Teaching youth baseball players important drills and correcting bad habits at an early age allows them to get a jump on their competition. Minnesota Baseball Academy boasts the finest coaches to work our sessions, including current and former pro players as well as current and former college players.  Our staff of instructors is dedicated to helping bring out the best in youth baseball players across the state.

All Minnesta Baseball Academy Lessons Include the Following:


  • Mechanics / Fundamentals

  • Drill Work

  • Situational Hitting

  • Bat Speet / Hitting with Power

  • Mental Approach

  • Homework


  • Mechanics / Fundamentals

  • Drill Work

  • Velocity

  • Off-Speed and Secondary Pitches

  • Mental Approach

  • Arm Health / Arm Care

  • Bullpens


Throwing Fundamentals

  • Mechanics
  • Arm Strength
  • Proper Stretching

Infield Footwork

  • Double Plays
  • Corner Infield Fundamentals

Outfield Footwork

  • Crow Hops

  • Cut-offs

Drill Work
Ground Balls
Mental Approach